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PM was so right on war
The Sun
Wednesday April 13, 2005

IF this election was about Iraq alone, there would be no contest -Tony
Blair should win, and win handsomely.

Blair has shown extraordinary courage and commitment over Iraq. But he
faces constant abuse from at least half of his own party, many
newspapers, the BBC, and a large part of the population.

It is fair enough to say you should not trust Blair because of failures
over schools, the NHS, tax, spending, or immigration. But on Iraq he has
been utterly reliable, extraordinarily brave-and absolutely right.

Thanks to Bush, Blair and their allies, Saddam Hussein, the tyrant who
made Iraq a concentration camp above ground and a mass grave below, is a
tyrant no more.

Saddam killed more Muslims than anyone else in the world. He spent
decades trying to get his hands on weapons of mass destruction. He used
them in the 1980s. He spent years blowing raspberries at the United
Nations which tried to disarm him.

Now he is in jail and Iraq is painfully but firmly on the way to
democracy. In January, despite terrorist attempts to stop them, eight
million Iraqis voted in the most democratic elections ever in the Arab

Now, two years after the overthrow of Saddam, Iraq has a government
which for the first time represents its many peoples.

Thanks to Bush, Blair and the rest of the anti-Saddam coalition.

Iraq faces huge problems still. The terrorists are desperate to stop

But history is against them.

Bush led the way. But after 9/11 it was easy for him to get America
behind him.

Blair had much less support at home.

Sir Martin Gilbert, Winston Churchill's biographer, says Bush and Blair
are like Roosevelt and Churchill. They overthrew Nazism, while Bush and
Blair ended the most fascist government in the Middle East.

For the first time in our lives the Middle East has a chance of progress
and peace.

Thanks to Bush, Blair and their allies.