Deliver Us From Evil

All of us have seen press and television pictures of victims of genocide and war, and winding lines of refugees in Africa or on a mountain pass in Europe and felt instinctively that 'something must be done'. In this urgent new book William Shawcross reveals what lies behind decisions by the 'international

community' to intervene in crisis zones on humanitarian grounds, and shows us the consequences when the troops and aid agencies move in. It is a story of noble aspirations, often ignoble realpolitik, and great courage by international aid workers and uncertain progress.

'Deliver Us From Evil is eloquent and heart-rending. In the last two decades unorganized armies, often not under state control, have done as much harm as national armies. William Shawcross's horrifying account of modern genocide and his dramatic stories of the brave men and women who attempt to make and keep the peace is a powerful call to action which must be heard.'
William Keegan, author of The First World War