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George Galloway, friend of Saddam
Independent, 22 September 2005

Sir: In David Usborne's absorbing account of the Hitchens-Galloway debate (16 September), he wrote that Galloway "allegedly" said to Saddam in 1994"I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability ...."

There is nothing "alleged" about it: Galloway's toadying to the Iraqi tyrant was filmed. Galloway has since claimed that he was referring to the Iraqi people, not to Saddam himself. However, Galloway went on to say: "Your Excellency ... I thought the president would appreciate to know that even today, three years after the war, I still meet families who are calling their newborn sons Saddam."

Galloway's support for the mass murderer was odious then, as is his support for the people he calls resistance fighters in Iraq today. Hitchens on the other hand supports the coalition forces in their efforts to create a civil society in Iraq, despite the horrific brutality of the so-called "resistance". Hitchens, I suggest, deserves all support.