Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia
Simon & Schuster, USA, 1979


Across the fragile heart of Cambodia have paraded many of the most frightful beasts to stalk the earth. Brutal civil war, superpower intervention, nationalism exaggerated into paranoid racism, fanatical and vengeful revolution, invasion, starvation and then, once again, unobserved civil war without end. Cambodia was not a mistake; it was a crime.

'Sideshow has the sweep and shadows of a spy novel as it portrays the surreal world of power severed from morality.
John Leonard, The New York Times

'Sideshow is a brilliant book. It is an extraordinary piece of investigative reporting, a careful history and a fine piece of political analysis, yet it reads like a thriller. Mr Shawcross has made a significant contribution to the history of American foreign policy.
Frances FitzGerald

'The most interesting and most important book on American foreign policy in many years.'
Anthony Lewis, The New York Times

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