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The force behind fanatics

Tuesday August 16, 2005
The Guardian

Naomi Klein claims that western racism is Islamic terrorism's greatest
recruiting tool. (Comment, August 13). Oh yes? Is it because of western
racism that al-Qaida has included the United Nations among its principal
targets? Is it because of western racism that in August 2003 an al-Qaida
suicide bomber murdered more than 20 people in the UN headquarters in
Baghdad, including the secretary general's special representative, Sergio
Vieira de Mello?
Vieira de Mello was one of the UN's finest officials, who had defended
Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo and had then assisted East Timor to
independence from Indonesia. Al-Qaida exulted in the murder of this
"heretic" sent to Iraq by Kofi Annan, "the criminal and slave of America".
Al-Qaida is inspired by Islamofascism, which cannot be appeased. No one is
helped by pretending otherwise.