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Coalition support in Iraq
The Times, August 18, 2003

Sir, Matthew Parris (Comment, August 13) invites me and others who supported the overthrow of Saddam to admit that we were wrong and apologise. No thank you, Mr Parris.
All the Iraqis I know still believe they have the first chance in their lives to build a decent society. It is simply not true, as Mr Parris claims, that Iraq �is going to hell in a handcart�. Millions of Iraqis have had great successes in rebuilding large parts of the country. In other parts, they have been hampered by mistakes of the coalition, but above all by the brutal backlash from the Baathists and the Islamofascists who, as Amir Taheri eloquently wrote (Comment, August 16), will use any methods to stop democracy succeeding in Iraq.
I not only believe that their courage and commitment deserve continued support from the coalition, but I also believe they will get it. This is one of the most important causes of our time. Matthew Parris�s great talent would be better employed supporting rather than denigrating