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Prince is entitled to have a moan
The Sun
Saturday April 02, 2005

IGOOD for Prince Charles, telling the Press (under his breath) where to
get off.

There were cheers all around where I watched his "photocall" on Sky TV.

Journalists are not popular in many places today. But Charles likes some
of them.

Arthur Edwards, The Sun's legendary photographer, told the BBC that he
was surprised by the incident.

After the photocall, the prince walked past Arthur and asked him
kindly: "Are you over your jet lag yet?"

Edwards pointed out: "We all say things under our breath that we would
regret if they were overheard."

The prince and his sons know they must suffer continual Chinese torture
from some tabloids.

But they like to protect their friends.

Prince William was upset that his girlfriend Kate Middleton was "outed"
this week.

Ditto Prince Charles.

Edwards said: "He over reacts a bit and blasts off but forgives and
forgets very quickly."

I think it is amazing that he does not lose his cool more often. So much
nonsense is written about him and Camilla Parker Bowles.


I have known Camilla longer than I can believe. She was delightful
decades ago and is delightful now.

Her mother Rosalind died from osteoporosis in 1994.

Haunted by this, Camilla has since given much time and energy to the
cause of osteoporosis sufferers.

I do not pretend to know about their relationship, but it is clearly

Camilla has been unflinching in her loyalty. She has put up with years
of abuse but never answered back at Press criticism.

Prince Charles has been an excellent and creative Prince of Wales. His
life was blighted by the pain of a very public divorce and the tragic
death of the mother of his adored children.

But he has given over half a million young people new hope through his
Prince's Trust. He adopted causes, such as the environment and organic
farming, long before they became fashionable.

Best of all, he loves Britain.

Now he is getting married to the woman he loves. Good for them!

Camilla will be a huge support to the prince. She will emerge as a
figure in her own right. The more people get to know her, the more
popular she will become.

Who knows, even the Royal rat pack may get to like and admire the new
Duchess. I think they will.