Queen and Country

In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II becomes only the fifth monarch in British history to reign for 50 years. To mark this momentous occasion - the Golden Jubilee -William Shawcross has written a revealing and intimate portrait of the Queen, and an absorbing study of the changing face of monarchy and of Britain during the past half-century. This has been a period of unprecedented and often turbulent change. Britain today bears little resemblance to the country the Queen inherited in 1952. Queen and Country looks at how the Queen has adapted to the swirl of events taking place around her. By examining several aspects of her public role - including her relationship with successive prime ministers -William Shawcross shows how the Queen has been a fixed point in the storm. Her stability, calm and good sense have earned her the respect and affection of the nation. In an age when the private lives of the royal family have become the subject of intense media attention and public scrutiny the Queen has remained an elusive, even enigmatic figure. With rare access to senior royals, close friends and colleagues, William Shawcross uncovers the Queen's private passions, and provides a compelling picture of a very human monarch.

Published to coincide with a landmark four-part television series on the BBC, this beautifully illustrated book, complete with more than 100 photographs, is a fitting celebration of the Queen's Golden Jubilee.