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Democratic candidates' stance on Iraq
letter to Financial Times, London, January 22, 2008

We are at war with hatred, fanaticism and despair
The Spectator, January 5, 2008

Bush's Iraq/Vietnam speech

How we are beating al-Qaeda
The Sun, August 07, 2007

Killing fields - then and now
Powerline, August 23, 2007

Now, more than ever, Britain must stay in Iraq
The Spectator

Remember: for Cambodia, read Iraq
The Times, 3 March, 2007

The West Must Show it is the Strong Horse
Spectator, 30 December, 2006.

Stark reminder from Bush
It took President Bush to tell the truth to Britain about the massive plot to blow US bound airliners out of the sky.
Wall Street Journal and Jerusalem Post
13 August 2006

It's no time to quit Iraq - we're winning
William Shawcross reports from Basra on how Britain is training a new Iraqi army - but warns against too early a handover
The Sunday Times, May 21, 2006

Peace is not the answer
Calls to end Iraq's bloodshed are hardly noble when those who would triumph slaughter teachers as children weep.
Los Angeles Times, October 9, 2005

Saddam Removal
Why the U.S. had no alternative.
The American Spectator, September 2005

George Galloway, friend of Saddam
Independent, September 22, 2005

Coalition support in Iraq
The Times, Thursday, August 18, 2003

The force behind fanatics
The Guardian, Tuesday August 16, 2005

Why the media is critical of Galloway
The Guardian, Saturday May 14, 2005

Winston Blair
Wall Street Journal, May 5, 2005.

The Iraqi people will defy the Ba'athists and Islamofascists
Blair is right. Why aren't more democrats backing these elections?
The Guardian, Monday January 24, 2005

America's Man at the United Nations
New York Times Op-Ed, December 4, 2004

Iraq's liberators should be proud
The Australian, Edition 1 - All-round Country
Friday 8 October, 2004

WMD did pose a threat
The Guardian, Wednesday July 21 2004

Darfur's agony is world's shame
Financial Times, May 20, 2004

We're not Bush's poodles: we're fighting on the right side of history
Times Online - Comment, April 2004

Nurture the seeds of civil society in Iraq
Financial Times, April 5 2004

The UN murderers must never be allowed to achieve their aim
Daily Telegraph, 22 August 2003

Profile by Ed Vulliamy
The Observer Sunday July 13, 2003

They should be ashamed
The Guardian, Tuesday June 17, 2003

Hard Jobs Require U.S. Power
Los Angeles Times, 20 April 2003.

Baghdad Day
Wall Street Journal, 10 April 2003

Why does anyone think the UN wants to rebuild and run Iraq?
The Independent, 27 March 2003

After Iraq: America and Europe
2003 Harkness Lecture, King's College, London, 27 March 2003

Could this become the next Vietnam?
Evening Standard, 25 March 2003

Blair Is Right About Saddam
The Independent, 3 March 2003

Why Saddam will never disarm
The Iraqi leader is prepared to go to any lengths to hold on to his deadly weapons
The Observer, 23 February , 2003

The Selfish Men Wrecking NATO
Just when Iraq seemed to be responding to the threat of force, France and Germany answer Saddam's prayers and destabilise the plan
Evening Standard, 10 February 2003.

European Israeli Dialogue
European Attitudes to Israel
Berlin 14-15 December 2002

Why this paper is wrong about Bush and Blair's stance on IraqAttacks on the premier and the president are ignorant and simplistic.
ndependent on Sunday, 9 February 2003

Battling for Israel's future
William Shawcross meets Amram Mitzna, the new leader of Israel's Labour Party, who is offering voters stark choices as he seeks to end the violence.
Saga, February 2002

Iraq - Act Now Before It's Too Late
Western Morning News
13 January 2003

Kofi Annan - The Man To Save The World?
Portrait of Director General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan
Saga Magazine, November 2002

The Last Icon
Portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II
Vanity Fair
June 2002.

When Kofi met Saddam
An account of a meeting between Kofi Annan and Saddam Hussein in 1998 giving a unique insight into the Iraqi leader�s negotiating style.
The Sunday Telegraph, September 2002

This Is a New Kind of War
Al Queda and the war on terror
Evening Standard, 15 October 2002

Let's Take Him Out
The threat to the world posed by Saddam Hussein's rule of terror
The Guardian, 1 August 2002